Art Specialist


By the age of 4, not only had Diana become a finger-painting prodigy, but was also a mastermind in the technical convolutions of noodle art. Having grown up in the midwest and gone to University in the south of the U.S., moving to Hong Kong brought on an immense curiosity for cultural diversity.
For her, every art piece is a collection of stories told from a viewpoint no one else is unique to. Whether it’s stencil, spray paint, stickers or posters, street art serves as a natural and more relatable platform for these stories to be told.
In her tour, Diana hopes to communicate that in this generation, people no longer have to spend decades practicing brush strokes to be an artist, they just need the desire to express.


Grown up in China, Julian was passionate about British movies and rock music since young. At the age of 18, he flew to France, experiencing a different life style, spending time in galleries and museums. He thinks art is about your taste more than the art itself. Julian currently lives in Hong Kong, taking photos, riding motorcycles, drinking whiskey… all the old-school and beautiful things. If there is no art in our life, humans become boring beings. His conclusion is: art you have seen or collected makes part of your life.



It is those idle days in Cuba that gives Olivia the luxury to sit in museums and galleries all day, doing nothing but watching art works. That experience changed her relation with art. When she came to Hong Kong, she found so many galleries and studios in addition to the famous skylines of the city. These places have redefined the world she is living in, just as art did. She wants to share this with people who is seeking for a different flavor of daily routine and get to know more about the city.



Coming from an Art History background, Rachel’s love for art started with that coin-sized mirror in the famous Arnolfini Portrait. It was a hot summer day in the grand lecture hall of HKU, and she was mesmerized.
Despite of her passion for older western masterpieces, she believes it is easier to resonate with contemporary art than people think. She loves decoding all the fluffy, complicated, artsy jargons and lay it out in a simple way that her audience can relate to.
She’s currently in the technology industry, while secretly remained a huge art nerd. She loves going to art exhibitions, live music gigs, and swing dance socials when she travels.