Denis Ribas

Art Works

In the Deep Provence
2017.5.16 – 2017.6.15 Madera Hotel Central, Hong Kong

The Artist

A proud Catalan, Denis Ribas was born in Perpignan in 1954. During his childhood, his father, a famous mountaineer and writer, transmitted him his passion for nature. Denis Ribas dropped out of Perpignan School of Fine Arts, to the despair of his then teacher. He became a professional Track & Field athlete, acquiring in stadiums the sense of effort, perseverance and resilience. After many years working in very different domains, he finally could not resist to his wife’s calls for starting a painting career. He likes to confess: “Behind the success of a man there is the shadow of a woman”… Denis Ribas paints only outdoors, on site, on pure linen canvas of the highest quality – manually nailed, stretched and coated. The paint itself is made in accordance with multi-centenary techniques. Bruno Charvin’s workshop is Denis Ribas’ preferred and exclusive supplier. One of the yellow nuances has recently been christened “Jaune Ribas”. Each and every painting is created in one go, Denis Ribas never corrects a finished painting.

The Artwork

Denis Ribas paintings may be characterized as loaded with energy, raw power and tenderness. No drawing stage precedes painting. The influences of fauvism and impressionism are obvious, with an astonishing emotional intensity. His style is intense, full of stamina, almost explosive. Once the painting achieved, signature is discrete, almost faded: “The artist is the one who, thanks to his perception, enhances beauty; I am just a painter who never knows how beautiful is what I have just created.”