Gao Xiaoyun


2017.7.7 – 2017.8.31 Teakha Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
2017.9.4 – 2017.12.31 Fast Gourmet, Central, Hong Kong

Artist Biography

Born in 1977, Shaanxi Province, China, Gao xiaoyun studied in China Academy of Art. After graduation, he has been involved in setting up a painter community in Shanghai Pudong district and an artist home in Puxi district. Also, he is the founder of several art magazines. For many years, Gao Xiaoyun has been insisting in creating an unique art language in his painting. His representative artworks are “Northern Shanxi Landscape” series, semi-abstract “Ladies” series, “County with Rivers in South-Eastern China” series, “Time” series, “Chaos” series and “A Scar” series.


Artwork of Gao Xiaoyun explores an ideal visual language for waterfront landscape in southeast China, touching upon its poetic, conceptual and naturalistic interpretations. Gao juxtaposes a contemporary approach with a traditional figurative style. By using a monochromatic color palette with a highlight of saturated tone, Gao creates a spontaneous and drifting, yet sophisticated atmosphere on canvas.

Gao Xiaoyun’s work often displays a landscape suspended between the real and the ideal dimensions. External sights and inner visions are filled with intimacy and meditative tones, emphasized by strong layers and rhythmic brush strokes, reaching the harmonious co-existence of not only man and nature, but also physical entities and states of mind.